JS . ♀ Female

Chinese, From Taiwan

I DO NOT reply any WCIF post now, there are too many wcif posts everyday, if I have time, I would rather to creating more cc, hope you can understand, thank you!!

Let’s go party :)

CC List → right to left

All the snapback and socks are by me,

all of them will be released soon:)

1. top by roannsims / bottom by simt0rr / tattoo by me / shoes by me / backpack by me

2. outfit by me (w.i.p) / shoes by julianalilo / backpack by me

3. top by olesmit / bottom by shojoangel / tattoo by sughomie / shoes by pixcat

4. top by sumiesimblr / bottom by orange-sim / shoes by me / backpack by me

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